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The Breaking News! Kids Opinions Count book series and affiliated individual books are copyrighted

Copyright © 2003 Breaking News! Kids Opinions Count™
Agents of Change™ Publishing

The Breaking News! Kids Opinions Count series is written by: MAKS and published by: Agents of Change™ Publishing – operated by 3264689 Manitoba Ltd. Breaking News! Kids Opinions Count is a Young Adult/Teen/Tween fact-based fiction series written by MAKS, currently consisting of the following books:

  • Diamond in the Ruff ISBN 978-0-9732492-1-7
  • Playing with Fire ISBN 978-0-9732492-2-4
  • Stupid Cupid ISBN 978-0-9732492-3-1
  • What’s the Skinny ISBN 978-0-9732492-4-8
  • What Goes Around ISBN 978-0-9732492-5-5
  • No Speak - The Political Punk Rock Play ISMN 9732492-1-7
  • They Eyes Have It ISBN 978-0-9732492-6-2
  • But Officer ISBN 978-0-9732492-7-9


The Breaking News! Kids Opinions Count series is a work of fact-based fiction. Diverse subject matter is drawn from science, history, culture, media, crime, business, sports, medicine, technology, television, music, etc., and woven into works of fiction. The names of the characters, places, incidents and entities, either are products of the author’s imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance of our fictional characters or situations to actual events or locals or persons or other entities, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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